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Satya Incense

What sets Satya incense apart and at the forefront of incense manufacturing is the use of the masala/flora technique in production. This approach is both a return to the roots steeped in Indian spirituality and a recognition of quality. All Scents are one 15-gram box. CHOOSE FROM:
  • Attract Money:  An elegant masala agarbatti  suitable for meditation and yoga. It produces a light and airy ambiance.
    • Mood/Inspiration:  Good Fortune, Love, and Creativity
    • Description/Key Notes:  Tranquility
    • Use:  Welcomes love, creativity and good fortune, making it fit for both home and office environment.
  • Arabian Jasmine - Hand rolled in India from pure extracts and fine scented oils, this is a beautiful amber and wildflower honey base scent with a seductive jasmine theme.
    • Mood/Inspiration: Laughter.
    • Description/Key Notes: Uplifting, Floral, Sprightly
    • Use: Jasmine flora incense supports self-confidence, is a mood enhancer and antidepressant. Jasmine also acts as an aphrodisiac and helps balance feminine energy/ yin within the body.
  • California White Sage:  New sacred series from the makers of Satya Nag Champa, a masala style incense
    • Mood/Inspiration:  Relaxation/Stress Relief
    • Description/Key Notes:  Calming
    • Use:  Was created to help create an atmosphere of relaxation and stress relief. An exceptional incense that embodies the fine art of traditional Indian incense making.
  • Dragon's Blood - The Dragon’s Blood flora incense features a star ingredient from the family treasure trove.
    • Mood/Inspiration: The steadfast hold of the northern star.
    • Description/Key Notes:  Potent, Earthy, Harmonizing
    • Use:  The Dragon’s Blood incense helps protect and strengthen your aura from external negativity and psychic attacks thus energizing your psychic and spiritual core.
  • English Lavender - Incense that is a fresh, sweet and charming fragrance.
    • Mood/Inspiration: Snuggling in for bedtime stories.
    • Description/Key Notes: Soothing, Sublime, Herbal
    • Use: The Lavender flora incense helps soothe, put to rest bedtime worries and lift insomnia.
  • Good Luck - Good Luck incense is a slightly sweet amber vanilla masala with a hint of wildflowers.
  • White Sage -The protective aura of white sage provides safe sanctuary with this special blend.
    •  Mood/Inspiration: Sheltering under a tree during a passing shower.
    • Description/Key Notes: Woody, Sacred, Devotional
    •  Use: The White Sage flora incense helps release and cleanse energy from your space and provides protection.