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Aqua Pipe

Aqua Pipe - since 1979 this nifty, all-in-one handheld water pipe has been the world’s first, indestructible, compact and pocket-size water pipe with a 90-degree swivel mouthpiece built-in! For added convenience, the Aqua Pipe bowl and down stem are one-piece which makes filling and cleaning seamless – just twist-off the bowl. Aqua Pipes bowl construction is made of heat resistant plastic, the same material used in industrial plastic ashtrays, while the water reservoir is regular medical-grade plastic. It does not melt or emit fumes. Aqua Pipe stand 4" inches tall, and 1.40" inches in diameter. Available in 6 attractive colors.
Choose from:
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Teal
CLICK HERE TO ORDER 5 TO A PACK SCREENS (Order .750 Brass or Steel for a Perfect Fit for the Aqua Pipe) CLICK HERE TO ORDER 100 TO A PACK SCREENS (Order .750 Brass or Steel for a Perfect Fit for the Aqua Pipe)
See Directions for Use, Below.

NFL Helmet Pipe

Football fan?  Then you have to have one of these NFL Helmet Pipe.  3" x 1 1/2" Choose your favorite team from the drop-down menu! Add a Smokeless Pipe Cap - Metal to your Pipe. Add a Smokeless Cap - Anodized to your Pipe. Need Screens?  Pack of 5  Pack of 100  

Novelty Pipe – Take-A-Smoke


Novelty Pipe - Take-A-Smoke

The Novelty Pipe - Take-A-Smoke pipe is the ultimate classic metal pipe that has been around for ages. This bullet shaped pipe has a top that screws off for easy filling. These are designed to be packed very tightly, and lit through the hole of the cap whenever you want to sneak away for a quick smoke. This design is great because the tobacco does not stay lit long since it is enclosed. Our take-a-smoke pipe comes in a variety of different colors so you and a friend can have different color pipes. This metal pipe is the iconic Take-A-Smoke (or Sneak-A-Smoke), a fan favorite. When it comes to metal pipes, this is definitely one of the most popular. Easily cleaned with a cleaner like Orange Chronic. This pipe is the best pocket pipe you can find!  Made from polished aluminum with a large bowl, screw-on bowl lid, and rubber mouthpiece.  2 1/8" long Choose from:
  • Black
  • Bronze
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Silver
(Although we usually stock these colors, we may be out of any particular color and may need to substitute.) Need Screens?  Pack of 5  Pack of 100 Need another Mouthpiece?  Click here  Click here for Take-A-Smoke Diamond Cut

Zen Pipe Cleaners

Get into those hard-to-reach places with Zen Pipe Cleaners!  Zen pipe cleaners are tough yet flexible, with tiny bristles that help scrub away tough resin from hard-to-reach places. Zen Pipe Cleaners are extra absorbent to wipe up sticky residues. Each pipe cleaner is approximately 6 inches (15 centimeters) long and comes in a 44-count bundle Choose from:
  • Bristled
  • Soft

Metal Pipe Cap

These Metal Pipe Caps fit all standard pipe bowls.   Using a Metal Pipe Cap preserves your smoking material (it will go out when not smoking) and cut down on the smoke coming out of your pipe.  And, if you are smoking outside, in the wind, your pipe will stay lit longer! Choose from:
  • Brass
  • Silver
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Proto Rocket Poker

Proto Rocket Poker Is interchangeable for the Rocket, Mendo Pipe and Proto Pipe Classic. It is used to hold the pod in place, and for stirring and cleaning the permanent screen bowl.  Handmade in the USA by Phil Jergenson.

Proto Rocket

The Proto Rocket is the newest in a lineup of winners since the well-known designer Phil Jergenson unleashed his first pocket-sized smoking instrument in 1968 known originally as the Contrivance and the next improved model - the Proto Pipe. The Proto Rocket has it all - easy swinging cover for the bowl, jam-free tar trap, a stash container and a poker for stirring and cleaning. From the creator of the world famous and widely popular Original Proto Pipe is the new and improved Proto Rocket (formerly known as Mendo Pipe).  This all-new Rocket Pipe improves on the Original Proto Pipe design by eliminating the troublesome tar trap, adding the easy access Tarburator Flip and the patented Top Bowl Clip. The Proto Rocket Pipe is hand-made in Willits, California. If you liked your Proto Pipe Original, you will LOVE your new Proto Rocket Pipe. WARNING:  Don't be fooled by the cheap imitation pipes!  There is only ONE Proto Rocket Pipe!
  • From the Creator of the Original Proto Pipe
  • New and Improved All-in-One Design
  • New Tarborator Flip and Bowl Top Clip
  • Hold up to 5 Bowls in Storage Chamber
  • Built in Poker/Stir Tool
  • Easily Accessible Tar Chamber
  • Made with Solar Power in Mendocino County, CA
  • Length: 3"
Need an extra poker?  Click here to order. How about an extra mouthpiece?  Click here to order.

The Proto Pipe History

The Proto Pipe is an iconic American pipe, created in the 1960’s and patented in the summer of 1980 in Willits, California, where it’s still currently produced. Owning a Proto Pipe shows appreciation to the Patriotic American Heritage of craftsmanship and the smoking industry. We are proud to carry this American classic and offer it to our valued customers. Enjoy a piece of American history with this one-of-a-kind homegrown and brass made pipe.    

Chamber Metal Pipe

Our customers love this Chamber Metal Pipe because you can open up the chambers and store your smoke in it!
  • 3 inches long, 1 2/8 high
Choose from:
  • Brass
  • Silver
Add a Smokeless Pipe Cap – Metal to your Pipe. Add a Smokeless Cap – Anodized to your Pipe. Need Screens?  Pack of 5   Pack of 100

Savinelli Balsa Filters 

Savinelli Balsa Filters provide a drier smoke by the simplest of means: absorbing moisture and condensation from the smoke-stream. While many more complicated systems have come and gone, Savinelli's remains popular, being both effective and very inexpensive. These Balsa Filters are in all Savinelli pipes and is a filtering system based on balsa wood properties. Its main feature is the natural (without additives or chemical materials) absorption of humidity and that annoying drizzle which is created inside the shank. It also ensures a smaller scale and therefore a better cleaning. This power of absorption comes from the numerous and porous balsa fibers which guarantee a perfect smoke without altering the tobacco fragrance and aroma.
  • This is a 6mm balsa, suitable for pipes with this diameter.
  • Package contains 20 Balsa Filters.

Pipe Pouch Humidifier

Simply submerge the Pipe Pouch Humidifier in a cup of cold Distilled water for 1-2 minutes so the clay element in the button can absorb moisture. Then place in a tobacco pouch or zip-lock bag to keep pipe tobacco moist and fresh. If purified or distilled water is used, the button should last a year. However, if tap water is used, the humidor button will need to be replaced more often than that. Approximately 1" in diameter.
  • Submerge the button in a cup of cold water for 1-2 minutes so the clay element in the button can absorb moisture.
  • Then place in a tobacco pouch or zip-lock bag to keep pipe tobacco moist and fresh.
  • If purified or distilled water is used, the humidor button should last a year.

Onyx Pipe – Large

This Large Onyx Pipe is milled straight from traditional materials - these Stone Pipes are weighty and strong. Each unique pipe is milled from Onyx.  According to Native Americans, onyx symbolizes initiation and change, alluding to the growth of personal power. Find that power with the help of these Onyx Pipes, to find peace in letting go of the thoughts that wear you down. Due to the uniqueness of each onyx piece, no two pipes are exactly alike.  So, the pipe you receive may look slightly different than what is pictured.
  • 3" - 3 1/4" long x 1" bowl width outside
  • 1/2" bowl width inside
  • All sizes approximate.
Choose from:
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Mottled Black
  • Mottled Beige
  • White
Need Screens?  Choose .750 size  Pack of 5  Pack of 100

Dill’s Pipe Cleaners

Dill’s Pipe Cleaners are premium cleaning machines, just what you need to keep your pipe in tip top shape. These 6” cleaners are sturdy and super absorbent and make cleaning any pipe quick and easy.  They are the only pipe cleaner you need to keep your pipe burning smoothly. Dill’s Pipe Cleaners comes in packs of 32. A great pipe accessory to have on hand and available at affordable prices, Dill's is the top choice cleaner to have for your pipes.
  • All Cotton Quality
  • Extra Absorbent
  • Sturdy
  • 32 Count
  • 6-inch length