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Peterson Irish Harp Sandblasted (69)

Eschewing the more cylindrical, tubular aesthetic of many of Peterson's designs, this Peterson Irish Harp Sandblasted (69) Fishtail Bent Billiard features a slightly tapered, yet more rounded style of bowl, combined with a muscular shank and transition to maintain their House Style. Despite these hearty proportions, it remains a compact pipe in terms of overall length, making it an excellent choice for travel. Celebrating the iconic Celtic harp, or cláirseach in Irish, Peterson's Irish Harp series dresses pipes in a reserved, rustic aesthetic that's marked by a walnut stain, a matching acrylic mouthpiece, and a gleaming accent of silver. Offered in either a smooth or sandblasted finish, these pipes showcase Peterson's superlative silverwork, timeless classicism, and individualized style, as evidenced by this Sandblasted 69 Bent Billiard.
  • Length 5 1/4″
  • Bowl Height 1 1/2″
  • Bowl Width Outside 1″
  • Bowl Width Inside 3/4″
  • All sizes approximate