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Fe.Ro Walnut Smooth Poker/Canadian/Dublin


Fe.Ro Walnut Smooth Poker/Canadian/Dublin

This Walnut Smooth Poker/Canadian/Dublin pipe is made from Central Italian briar from the Tuscany region is used exclusively in the pipe production. This high grade briar, recognized for its rich grain, is put through an elaborate aging, manufacturing and production process. The combination of quality and looks delivers a superior product, resulting in a sweeter, dryer, and better smoking pipe.
  • Length 5 1/2"
  • Bowl Height 1 1/2"
  • Bowl Width Outside 1 1/4"
  • Bowl Width Inside 3/4" (all sizes approximate - stand shown not included)Features Include:
  • Smooth Walnut Gloss Finish
  • Ebonite Mouthpiece
  • 6mm Filter Ready (Click here to order filters)
  • Carbonized Bowl
  • Medium size

Spinning Ashtray


Spinning Ashtray

Spinning Ashtray takes care of excess ash with one press of the button, launching ash deep into the enormous covered basin of the beefy ashtray,  Truly provides the best in service and aids in a relaxing smoke every time.  
    • Premium Quality Stainless Steel, Mirror Finish
    • Triple Cigarette Rest
    • 5" x 2 1/2'

Stainless Pipe Shape Pipe Tool


Stainless Pipe Shape Pipe Tool

This Stainless Pipe Shape Pipe Tool, with an outer surface of stainless steel, is shaped like a pipe with a tamper at the end of the "stem" and a scraper knife which swings out of one side and a pick that's on the opposite side. Affordable, durable and attractive; what more could you ask for?  3 5/6 long and 1" at its widest.

Pipe Reamer Butner


Pipe Reamer Butner

Clean your pipe with ease with this handy tool.  Adjusting down to as narrow as 3/4", this Stainless-Steel pipe reamer is a simple tool for managing your briar's cake build-up. Because of the "blades" on the reamer pivot, on wider-bowled briars it will clean out excess cake in such a way as to leave the remaining chamber conical, as some smokers prefer, for creating intense flavor towards the end of a smoke.

Tightvac 1.3L – 12oz – 95g


Tightvac 1.3L - 12oz - 95g

The perfect 12 oz. Gourmet Coffee & Tea Container. The ultimate brown sugar storage container prevents caking and hardening. Dry goods such as herbs, tea, sugar, pasta, rice, trail mix, candies, cereals, cookies, crackers, flour, dried fruit, protein powders will last 3x longer. Refrigerated items such as cheese, lettuce, parsley, basil, cut onions, scallions, zucchini and most leafy vegetables will last 2x longer. Tightvac’s prevent weevil & bug infestations. Keeps dry goods up to 1 year and beyond! Simply the best container for RV’s & travel, camping, boating, cottages and second homes. Store any Tightvac conveniently on the countertop, in the pantry, the fridge or freezer. Our Vacs save you money and guarantee fresher for longer food storage. TightVacs are Air-Tight, Water Resistant and Smell-Proof (extreme smelling products need degassing so air will escape through the button). Dry Good Capacity: 12oz / 340g / 1.3 liter Dimensions: 7-7/8" tall x 4-1/8" diameter (20 cm x 10.5 cm) Choose from:
  • Black/Clear       
  • Blue/Clear           
  • Green/Clear         
  • Solid Blue/Black   

Diamond Grind Anodized 63mm – Four Piece


Diamond Grind Anodized 63mm - Four Piece

Here to spice up your grinder collection is the Diamond Grind Anodized 63mm Four piece Grinder. The anodized aluminum design fights wear and tear, making this grinder last as long as you do. It's available in a variety of colors, making sure you will be able to find the one that fits you. Diamond Grind has always lived up to their excellent reputation and that is no different with their newest colored grinders. This 4 piece grinder comes complete with a bottom storage compartment and a stainless steel sifting screen, which also doubles as an additional storage compartment.
This grinder is made of a strong anodized aluminum that will strongly resist wear and tear over time, making it perfect for portable use. Anodized aluminum is aluminum that goes through an extra oxidation process that essentially forms a protective barrier around it, so no need to worry about the aluminum chipping while grinding. There are actually two storage compartments when you take the bottom storage and the stainless steel sifting screen into account.
It measures 2 1/2″ x 1 7/8"″ making it great size for travel use as it will grind quite a large amount of material for the size while remaining small enough to comfortably throw in pants or jacket pocket.
Coming from the well known and well-respected Diamond Grind company you can be sure this premium grinder is going to get the job done!

Also Included:

- Triangle Scraping Tool Choose from:
  • Blue
  • Pink

Smelly Proof Bags – Black


Stink-In Storage Bags - Black

Nothing can beat Smelly Proof Bags to contain odors!  Their seams are extra wide (about 3/8″) to prevent permeation.  These bags have a double zipper strip at the top to prevent air from escaping.!  Ideal for cigars, seafood, herbs and spices, and animal droppings.  Perfect for liquids and solids.  Smelly Proof Bags - Black hide the contents to all outside eyes! Choose from:
  • 4" x 3"
  • 6 x 4"
  • 6.5" x 7.5"

ProScale The Duece

ProScale The Duece ProScale The Duece digital scale has a fancy blue, backlit display to help ya see your weight

XIKAR Travel Case 15 count Humidor


Xikar Travel Case 15 count Humidor

Selecting the right XIKAR travel humidor for your cigars is very important. XIKAR makes six different sizes of travel humidors for the right occasion. The travel humidor case size, number of cigars and temperature will determine how you maintain the relative humidity (RH). 

This XIHAR contains 1 mini humidifier. Simply add XIKAR PG solution (click link to view) to fully charge the humidification unit. For different temperatures and extended storage, it is advisable to recharge the humidification unit as needed, but this depends on the number of cigars, freshness of the cigars, humidity and temperature. The inner foam keeps your cigars nestled properly inside the case at all times.

Cigars stored in your travel humidor should already be stabilized to the perfect humidity if they came from your personal humidor or cigar shop. Remember to close your travel humidor so that it remains airtight when not in use. Keeping the humidor airtight will help maintain the humidity and preserve your cigars longer.

Opening Tip:  Squeeze the closed case tight near one latch and then flip the latch. Do the same for the other side. Squeezing near the latches pushes air out making it easier to open if the air pressure has changed.

  • 15 cigar capacity (actual fit may vary depending on cigar sizes)
  • airtight... watertight... crushproof
  • super-strong ABS molded plastic construction
  • stainless steel hinge and latch hinges
  • molded lock ring
  • high density urethane foam
  • 1 mini humidifier
  • locking clasp

Ozium Air Sanitizer 3.5 oz.


Ozium Air Sanitizer 3.5 oz.

Ozium Air Sanitizer is considered the best solution to all sanitizing problems that may occur at home or workplace. The best thing about Ozium products is that it doesn't just cover up bad smells but eliminates them completely hence providing a clean environment.  Ozium Air Sanitizer / freshener will effectively eliminate bad odors anywhere it's sprayed.  Each use will release a pleasant fragrance that kills odor-causing bacteria and converts smoke particles into clean, fresh air.  EPA registered. Ozium  Air Sanitizer is a product that sanitizes the air you breathe. It is clinically proven to eliminate odors, unlike other products that just mask odors.  Ozium  Air Sanitizer combats airborne contaminants and eliminates odors with glycolyzed action... dispensing micron sized particles that linger in the air, attach to airborne bacteria and malodors to drastically reduce air pollution, purify and sanitize the air. Eliminates malodors caused by airborne bacteria from: Mildew, Sinks and drains, Cars, Bathrooms, Automotive interiors, Dining rooms, Living rooms, Kennels, Mobile homes, Campers, Sick rooms, Garbage, Storage areas, Offices, Nurseries, Locker rooms, Garages, Closets, Hampers, Game rooms, Studios, Cabins, Workshop, Suitcases, Bars, After fire, Gyms, Boats Features:
  • Eliminates smoke and offensive malodors caused by airborne bacteria
  • Reduces airborne bacteria
  • It is clinically proven to eliminate odors, unlike current products that just mask odors.
  • Combats airborne contaminants and eliminates odors with glycolyzed action.
  • 3.5 oz (99g) Spray
Click here for Ozium Air Sanitizer .8 Oz.

Zippo Billiards


Zippo Billiards

Don't be afraid to put this 8-ball into the pocket. Slide this black matte Zippo Billiards windproof lighter into your pocket or display its sleek design. The lighters black matte finish gives it a smooth look and feel and is representative of the black 8-ball of a billiards game. Comes packaged in a gift box. For optimal performance, fill with Zippo lighter fluid.
  • Genuine Zippo windproof lighter with distinctive Zippo "click"
  • All metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhere
  • Refillable for a lifetime of use; For optimum performance, we recommend genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks.
  • Made in USA; Lifetime guarantee that "it works or we fix it free™"
  • Fuel: Zippo premium lighter fluid (sold separately)

Orange Chronic Smoke Out Air Freshener

The neighbors are coming around and you've just had Stinky visiting?  DONT PANIC! Spray some Orange Chronic around and no-one will be the wiser.  No CFC's, just pure citrus power and it smells delicious.  Buy one for the car, one for the house.....
  • Immediate results
  • Extracted from natural oranges.
  • All natural and non-aerosol.
  • Convenient to take anywhere!
Choose from:
  • 1 1/2 oz. Can
  • 4 oz. Can