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Vale Detox PreVale Capsules

Vale Detox PreVale Capsules are your first step to detoxification by promoting accelerated removal of toxins stored in the body.  PreVale contains herbs that are widely recognized for their ability to aid the liver in eliminating unhealthy toxins. Pre-Vale is a formulation of all natural herbs designed to prepare your body for detoxification. Pre-Vale is suggested for use 12-18 hours prior to beginning your detoxification program. Pre-Vale is designed to be used in conjunction with Vale Detox One Hour Cleansing Solution, Vale Detox Triple Strength Formula or Vale Detox Solution 4X Formula cleansing products. Directions:
  • Take entire package of PreVale with 20 oz. of water 12 to 18 hours before starting your Vale Detox cleansing program.
  • Continue to drink 12 -16 oz. of water per waking hour until you start your Vale Detox cleansing program.