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Pipe Reamer Butner

Clean your pipe with ease with this Pipe Reamer Butner.  Adjusting down to as narrow as 3/4", this Stainless-Steel pipe reamer is a simple tool for managing your briar's cake build-up. Because of the "blades" on the reamer pivot, on wider-bowled briars, it will clean out the excess cake in such a way as to leave the remaining chamber conical, as some smokers prefer, for creating intense flavor towards the end of a smoke. CAKE is the carbon formed on the inside of the bowl that retains the flavor of each tobacco smoked. But a good thing can be overdone! Keep the CAKE reamed down to the thickness of a dime. It if is allowed to build up, it will expand when hot and split the sides of the bowl. The CAKE absorbs moisture giving you a drier smoke and retains the flavor of the tobacco giving you a sweeter smoke. Let the CAKE of a pipe fully absorb the flavor of each new blend.