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Peterson Jekyll & Hyde (221)

This Peterson Jekyll & Hyde (221) Fishtail Briar Pipe is dark-stained and crisply rusticated on one side and smooth polished with a ruby hue on the other — those are the two faces of Peterson's Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde series. Here, the iconic "221" Bent Billiard design takes well to the two finishes, offering the best of both textures for a thoroughly unique in hand feel and visual aesthetic. Though quite compact in terms of overall length, this Bent Billiard shape maintains the signature muscularity and tubular profile that define Peterson's House Style, the bowl being more cylindrical in shape with a stout, angular transition. Its half bend provides a natural clenching posture for a comfortable, hands-free smoke. One of Peterson's boldest finishes to date, the Jekyll & Hyde series presents a number of their most iconic shapes with a dark ruby, smooth finish on one side paired to a dark, nearly jet-black rustication on the other. Unified by a bright band of nickel, it celebrates one of Robert Louis Stevenson's most esteemed classics and hints at the duality within us all.
  • Length 5 1/4"
  • Bowl Height 1 1/2"
  • Bowl Width Outside 1"
  • Bowl Width Inside 3/4"
  • All sizes approximate