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ONGROK 5 Piece Grinder

The ONGROK 5 Piece Grinder is an amazing work of engineering!  With it's unique Flower Teeth, Removable Screen and Built in Storage Chamber, the ONGROK 5 Piece Grinder is a one-of-a-kind grinder. CONSISTENT, FINE GRIND - This metal herb crusher is crafted out of solid, aircraft grade aluminum. Inside of the aesthetic finish, this grinder uses a flower shaped tooth pattern to evenly mill herbs & spices and provide an effortless fine grind! BUILT-IN STORAGE JAR - This 5-piece grinder features a deep storage chamber with an airtight lid & O-ring seal to preserve freshness. Perfect for storing gummies, tea or other moisture sensitive items while on-the-go! NEODYMIUM MAGNET & UNIQUE LOCKING FUNCTION - The ONGROK 5 Piece Storage Grinder uses a quarter turn locking function, so it's easy to open and access your materials. A powerful neodymium magnet holds other chambers in place until you’re ready to use. REMOVABLE SCREEN FOR EASY CLEANING - This large, handheld grinder contains a removable screen for easy cleaning. To remove the screen, just lift the handle and turn counterclockwise.
  • 3" H x 2 1/4" W
  • Includes Scrapper and Cleaning Brush
Choose from:
  • Black
  • Green
  • Gunmetal
  • Silver
in case you’re wondering what ONGROK means, it comes from the word “Grok” in Robert Heinlein‘s novel, Stranger in a Strange Land. It means to understand something deeply, intuitively or by empathy. That philosophy guides everything we do to maximize the experience for you, our customer.