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OCB Organic Hemp Papers

OCB Organic Hemp papers are papers made of 100% hemp and untouched by chemical processes, giving them a clean, pure taste. Each paper has an Arabic gum strip that seals great every time. The packaging is equally as environmentally friendly as the papers, using recycled cardboard that looks good and helps the planet. The single wide size is convenient and favored by many smokers.

Just as Mother Nature intended.

Few resources are as sustainable as hemp.  OCB hemp is grown and processed in France using techniques that benefit the environment.  The result is one of the strongest, thinnest and slowest-burning papers on Earth.  If you're looking for something Earth-friendly and easy to enjoy, Organic Hemp will do the trick.

1-1/4 Papers - Thanks to their classic, middle-of-the-road dimensions, these papers are as versatile as they get. Ideal for smaller cones, bombers, even dog walkers. Whatever you need. 44mm x 77mm

Slim Papers - Long enough for sharing. Wide enough for some creativity. Slims were made for social settings. Get the whole party in on the circle. 44mm x 109mm
Choose from:
  • 1 1/4 - $2.09
  • 1 1/4 w/Tips - $3.15
  • Slim w/Tips - $3.15

OCB Premium Papers

OCB Premium Papers are the result of OCB’s almost 100 years of experience perfecting rolling papers. They’re made from natural flax fibers, with an Arabic gum strip. OCB Premium papers are slow-burning and smooth smoking. The Iconic Premium Paper enjoyed by Purists for decades - Slow Burning and Ultra-Thin, weighing only 14g/m.  The Paper for those who like to roll! Choose from:
  • 1 1/4 - 50 papers per pack - $.99
  • Slim KS - 32 Papers per pack - $1.99
  • Slim KS w/Tips - 32 Papers + 32 Tips - $3.15
  • Ultra-Lightweight - Ultra Thin, Slow Burning
  • Pure Flax Paper and Arabic Natural Gum, 100 % Vegetarian Organic
  • Made in France