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Mill Pipe with Mushroom

Like all of our Mill pipes, this Mill Pipe with Mushroom etchings on the lid is made of assorted exotic woods. These are some of the nicest wood pipes available today!  This Mill Wood Pipe delivers a cool and pleasant smoking experience.  Small enough to fit in the in your pocket or purse, and with a convenient cap – when your done smoking, close the cap to save what’s left in the bowl.  It has an interesting Mushroom etching on the lid. The stem is easily removed for cleaning or replacement.
  • Length 4 1/2″
  • Width 3/4″
  • Height 1″
Choose from:
  • Blue
  • Green
Click here to order additional stems. Click here to order .625 Brass or Steel Screens – 5 to a Pack Click here to order .625 Brass or Steel Screens – 100 to a Pack