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Diamond Grind Anodized 63mm – Four Piece

Here to spice up your grinder collection is the Diamond Grind Anodized 63mm Four-piece Grinder. The anodized aluminum design fights wear and tear, making this grinder last as long as you do. It's available in a variety of colors, making sure you will be able to find the one that fits you. Diamond Grind has always lived up to their excellent reputation and that is no different with their newest colored grinders. This 4-piece grinder comes complete with a bottom storage compartment and a stainless-steel sifting screen, which also doubles as an additional storage compartment.
This grinder is made of a strong anodized aluminum that will strongly resist wear and tear over time, making it perfect for portable use. Anodized aluminum is aluminum that goes through an extra oxidation process that essentially forms a protective barrier around it, so no need to worry about the aluminum chipping while grinding. There are actually two storage compartments when you take the bottom storage and the stainless-steel sifting screen into account.
It measures 2 1/2″ x 2"″ making it great size for travel use as it will grind quite a large amount of material for the size while remaining small enough to comfortably throw in pants or jacket pocket.
Coming from the well-known and well-respected Diamond Grind company, you can be sure this premium grinder is going to get the job done!

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