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5/8 Dram 12 Pack

The 5/8 Dram in a 12 pack 1/8-ounce storage capacity each of this "shortie" vial makes it a perfect choice for sampler sizes, and the hardy amber glass provides UV protection for any light-sensitive contents.  1 1/16" x 1/2" - Package of 12 A dram is a unit of mass that has been used since the times of Ancient Greece. It originated from the name of the Greek coin, a drachma, and is linked to the weight of this coin in the early epochs. There was also the Roman dram, which was a little lighter (roughly 3.41 grams) from the Greek dram (about 4.37 grams)1. However, in modern times, a dram is used as a unit of volume equaling 1/8th ounce or 3.7 milliliters12. Therefore, 5/8 dram would be equal to 1.85 milliliters. Choose from:
  • Amber
  • Clear
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