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Women and Cigars

Ladies, take heart – you are not alone. This section of our Web Site is devoted to those who have chosen to stand out as unique cigar smokers enjoying a traditionally male pleasure.

There are quite a few famous women who smoke cigars:

  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Bette Midler
  • Linda Evangelista
  • Madonna
  • Sharon Stone
  • Demi Moore
  • Jodie Foster
  • Ellen Barkin

This is by no means a complete list. The late Lucille Ball was also a cigar smoker. And like the statistics for the rest of the population of cigar smokers, the percentage is rising.

It used to be a rare event to see a woman puffing a cigar. Cigar smoking has traditionally been viewed as a strictly male endeavor, and a woman smoking a cigar was looked upon as an anomaly. Today, however, more and more women are smoking cigars. Although they only make up a small percentage compared to men, female cigar aficionados are becoming more and more of a familiar sight.

According to the Cigar Association of America, a study conducted in the mid-1980s showed that less than one tenth of one percent of cigar smokers were women. Currently, the Cigar Association estimates that women account for up to two percent of cigar smokers. With about 10 million to 12 million people smoking cigars today compared to 8 million to 10 million during the time of the first study, according to the Cigar Association, there now could be as many as one quarter of a million women cigar smokers compared to as few as 8-10,000 in the mid-1980s.

Cigar smoking is the new chic. There’s even a book written by Tomima Edmark; Cigar Chic: A Woman’s Perspective, offering everything women need to know about smoking a cigar.


Observing proper cigar smoking etiquette tells everyone that you have style. Here are some things to remember with regard to etiquette and cigar smoking.

Ask those around you if they will be disturbed by your smoking. After all, you want a relaxing smoke, not a confrontation with the people next to you. If you are at a restaurant, wait until everyone in your party is finished eating. Don’t leave the restaurant with it in your hand. Extinguish the cigar before you leave.

Watch your ash. Don’t let it fall anywhere other than an ashtray. Cigar ash is quite hot.

When offering a cigar, offer it from an open humidor or other container rather than handling it yourself. It shows great style to let your friend pick his or her own cigar.

Cigars and good conversation go together, but don’t let the conversation ruin your style by talking with the stogies in your mouth or gesticulating wildly with it in your hand, inspiring fear in those around you.

For goodness sake, don’t bite off the head of your cigar. It might look cool in those old spaghetti westerns, but this is not the image of a true aficionado.

Don’t assault your cigar by chewing on the end. Buy a pack of gum if you need to chew.

Only dragons should have smoke coming out of their nostrils. While some cigar smokers enjoy letting some cigar smoke escape through their noses as they exhale, this looks very unattractive when done by a woman. If you’ve just got to try it, do it privately.

Hold the cigar in your hand between puffs rather than holding it in your mouth. Take leisurely puffs, holding the smoke briefly, then exhaling slowly. You’ll look positively elegant!