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Preparing Your Humidor for Use

Congratulations! You have selected your new Humidor!! Before you start using your Humidor, follow these steps to ensure your enjoyment of your fine cigars for years to come.

Your Humidor has been crafted from seasoned wood. It is absolutely essential that it be “prepared”, or cured, BEFORE storing your cigars. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Remove and fill humidity device with distilled water.
  2. Dampen a fresh sponge with distilled water and wipe the interior sides, top, bottom and any dividers or trays.
  3. Place a plastic bag on the bottom of the humidor interior and place the damp sponge on top of the bag.
  4. Install the humidity element.
  5. Close the lid and leave it undisturbed overnight for at least 12 hrs. Open the humidor, remove the humidity device and refill it with distilled water (it should require less than the typical fill).
  6. Remove the sponge and the plastic bag from the humidor.
  7. Close the lid again for an additional 12 hours insuring the interior wood has a raised level of humidity sufficient to begin storing cigars (ideally 68 – 74 degrees humidity)
  8. ENJOY!!