Due to tobacco internet laws, www.mr-bills.com is no longer able to sell Tobacco to our out of state customers.  Please call us at 1-800-688-0302 for more information.  Mr. Bill’s Pipe and Tobacco retail locations, located in Las Vegas, NV are pleased to offer to our local  and visiting customers a wide selection of Pipe Tobacco, Roll-Your-Own Tobacco and Snuff.  Please call us at 1-800-688-0302 to see if we carry your favorite brand or check below for our pipe tobacco listings.


  • Dunhill 965 – A delicious, lightly flavored cross-over English Blend.  A fine base of Burley, Virginia and Latakia.
  • English Tudor – Lemon Virginia rich in Latakia and Turkish Tobaccos.  A true Balkan mixture.
  • Light English – African, Turkish and Virginia tobaccos with Latakia added.  The smoothest Latakia blend ever to be presented to the pipe smoker.


  • Aged Maduro Cavendish – An all-black Cavendish consisting of steam sweated and fire-cured tobaccos.  Flavored with chocolate and vanilla.
  • Amaretto – Burley and Bright Virginia topped with genuine Italian Amaretto (Almond and Apricot).  Great Aroma!!
  • Black and Burley – Black Cavendish and Burley with a pronounced Vanilla taste – extremely smooth!
  • Black Cavendish – A base blend, it has a heavy-sweet mild taste when added to other tobaccos.  An enjoyable smoke by itself.
  • B20 Black Cavendish – An all-Black Cavendish consisting of 100{3394111634281d603c8118f7e663678990f79b51ef2a7046ad4250f9db518d05} fire-cured tobaccos. “Steam sweated” for mildness and smoothness.
  • Black Cherry – Toasted Black Cavendish forms the base for this blend with Bright Cavendish and Virginia added.  A subtle Cherry flavor is applied for sweetness.
  • Black Raspberry – A black tobacco highlighted with the rich fruity notes of Mango and Raspberry
  • Black Spice – An all-black blend flavored with Cinnamon and Nutmeg.  Steam sweated for mildness and smoothness.
  • Bright Virginia – A base blend, it has a pleasantly sweet, woodsy taste.  Lends a superb flavor to practically any tobacco.
  • Burley – Burley with a touch of Black Cavendish to bring extra mildness and a sweet aroma.
  • Butter Pecan – The natural sweetness of Pecan is accentuated by a rich, creamy Vanilla topping.  The end result is a unique All Black Cavendish.
  • Champagne – French berries characterize this elegant mixture of premium Virginias and mature Black Cavendish.  A soft, smooth smoke.
  • Chocolate Truffle – This delicious blend is a mixture of six tobaccos, three distinctively chocolate toppings, a bit of coconut almond and a hint of brandy.
  • Coffee – A quality blend of Golden & Black Cavendish flavored with Brazilian Coffee.  A gourmet smoke, alive with flavor.
  • Colombian Mocha – Black Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos flavored with Dark Chocolate and mellow Colombian coffee beans.  A gourmet coffee aroma.
  • French Vanilla – Created in Denmark, this Cavendish blend is flavored with a double dose of vanilla.  Extremely mild with no bite.
  • Golden Cavendish – Golden Virginia ribbon dominates this Almond flavored blend.  Wide cut toast Cavendish added for a slow blow.
  • Golden Leopard – Bright Virginia blended with Black Cavendish.  Special attention is given to the cut to make it burn cool and evenly.
  • Maple – All long cut tobaccos flavored with the finest pure maple available.  Flavor is pressed in for full retention.
  • Optimum – Mature Virginias blended with fire-cured sweet Black Cavendish and mild Burleys, flavored with pure rum and Vanilla Bean.
  • Peaches and Crème – You won’t find a smoother and tastier aromatic.  Creamy vanilla and malt top dressing mixed with natural Peach Melba flavorings.  Sweet Black strap molasses insures no bite and unbeatable even smoking.  Ideal for dinner or social engagements.  Tangy peach notes fill the air upon light up.
  • Private Blend – Mr. Bill’s hand blends this to be mild and sweet with Golden Leopard, Burley and a touch of Vanilla.
  • Raspberries ‘n Cream – Mild Virginias and Black Cavendish with the aroma and flavor of fresh raspberries in cream.  Light bodied.
  • Rum Raisin – a delightful mixture of Rum & Raisins applied to Burley and Virginia.  Remarkably smooth!
  • Smooth Black and Golden Cavendish – Golden Virginias, Rich Burleys and Smooth Black Cavendish blended with a delightful creamy vanilla topping.
  • Strawberry Delight – If you like strawberry shortcake, you’ll love this blend!  A superb combination of Burley, Virginia and Black flavored with some confectionery favorites:  chocolate, vanilla, praline and, of course, strawberry.
  • Three Cherry Blend – Three deliciously different Cherry flavors grace this blend of Lemon Virginia and Black Cavendish.
  • Ultra Dream Castle – Soft, sweet and delightfully smooth!  This aromatic blend gives pipe tobacco a new standard.
  • Vanilla – Flue-cured Black Cavendish with Honey, Rum, Citrus flavors and generous amounts of Vanilla for a smooth taste.
  • ZBC – A spice fire-cured Black Cavendish that has an exceptionally light, smooth taste.  Guaranteed to be on your list of favorites!


  • Peterson of Dublin – De Luxe Mixture, Gold Blend, Irish Flake, Irish Oak, Irish Whiskey, Old Dublin, Sherlock Holmes, Sunset Breeze, Sweet Killarney, Connoisseurs Choice, Luxury Blend and University Flake.
  • Captain Black – Royal, Original, Light and Gold – exceptionally mild, delightfully aromatic.


Although we generally stock all of the tobacco listed, there may be times that, due to its popularity, we may be out of any particular blend.

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