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Elements Rolling Papers

The original Elements 1 1/4 Rolling Papers produce almost ZERO ash except for a small, thin white line because they used ungummed, thin rice papers. These papers have no chemicals, no standard pulp, and no hemp. Rice paper is the name of this thin translucent style of paper which is not made of actual rice! The vegan Acacia tree sap gum contains sugars and hemicellulose. IT’S ELEMENTAL! Elements King Size Slim Papers are bringing back fond memories of the past. These rolling papers burn extra slow and extra clean, with no ash. A thin line of Acacia gum is added to the rolling paper. The only residue from burning is from the Acacia gum caramelizing. The paper features Rolling Supreme’s patented run-preventing watermark system with cross-weave patterning and vertical hard-stop lines, to keep your smokes burning slowly and evenly, every time. Perforated Elements Paper Rolling Tips are chemical and chlorine free. With perforations at the start of their roll up edge to make the roll easier to start, these Element style papers make rolling easy!  It is easier to tear off a bit if your tip is too wide as opposed to the other Elements tips. Choose from:
  • 1 1/4
  • K/S Slim
  • Rolling Tips

Two Finger Cigar Case


Two Finger Cigar Case

This handmade  Two Finger Cigar Case is crafted in a rich black leather and stores two 48 gauge 7.5" cigars. Small enough to tuck into a shirt pocket or jacket to take along while on the go!. Wherever you travel, your cigars will be safe and protected from the elements.
  • Made from Beautiful Cured Leather
  • Holds Two Cigars up to 8" in Length
  • Accommodates up to 48 Ring Gauge

Cigar Case – 2 Finger

This leather Cigar Case - 2 Finger (cigars) is just gorgeous. Use it when you hit the golf course, or perhaps a day at the beach. Wherever you travel, your cigars will be safe and protected from the elements. And when you run out of cigars, put a few pens, or even chopsticks inside. How classy is that? 7 1/2", holds 2 cigars, available in Black.

Cigar Case – 2 Finger Flat 7 1/2″


Cigar Case - 2 Finger Flat 7 1/2"

Keep your cigars gently cradled while you are away from home in this case that will hold up to a Churchill sized cigar.
  • 7 1/2"
  • holds 2 cigars
  • Black

Meerschaum Claw Smooth

This Meerschaum Claw Smooth with a 3/4 Bent Stem is a classic!  Beautifully hand crafted, it will be a favorite for the avid pipe smoker. Meerschaum is a mineral and literally translated from German means "Seafoam". It will not burn out and is considered by pipe smokers as the perfect material for a cool, dry smoke. Because of its natural porous nature, Meerschaums most fascinating characteristic is its process of gradually changing colors from white to a golden deep cherry red or brown. Since each stone is unique unto itself, each pipe will color at various speeds and shades. Unlike Briar Pipes, you can smoke this Meerschaum Claw Smooth all day long! Comes in a felt lined carrying case.
  • Length 6 1/2"
  • Bowl Height 2"
  • Bowl Width Outside 1 1/8"
  • Bowl Width Inside 6/8" All sizes are approximate and may vary.
Click here to learn more about Meerschaum.  

Corn Cobb Pipe Filtered

This Corn Cobb Pipe Filtered from Missouri Pride Corn Cob Pipe is a natural corn cob pipe at its simplest and finest.  It has an all-natural, medium-sized bowl in a classic 5th Avenue shape.  The Missouri Pride is filtered and comes with a black bit.

Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!

Unvarnished. Approximate Dimensions
Straight Length:   6 in / 152.4 mm Bent Length:   5.75 in / 146.05 mm Bowl Height:   1.75 in / 44.45 mm Chamber Diameter:   .75 in / 19.05 mm Chamber Depth:   1.25 in / 31.75 mm Click here to order Dr. Grabow Filters
Choose from:
  • Bent
  • Straight