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Ozium Air Sanitizer .8 Oz.

Ozium Air Sanitizer is considered the best solution to all sanitizing problems that may occur at home or workplace. The best thing about Ozium products is that it doesn’t just cover up bad smells but eliminates them completely hence providing a clean environment.  Ozium  Air Sanitizer / freshener will effectively eliminate bad odors anywhere it’s sprayed.  Each use will release a pleasant fragrance that kills odor-causing bacteria and converts smoke particles into clean, fresh air.  EPA registered. Ozium  Air Sanitizer is a product that sanitizes the air you breathe. It is clinically proven to eliminate odors, unlike other products that just mask odors.  Ozium  Air Sanitizer combats airborne contaminants and eliminates odors with glycolyzed action… dispensing micron sized particles that linger in the air, attach to airborne bacteria and malodors to drastically reduce air pollution, purify and sanitize the air. Eliminates malodors caused by airborne bacteria from: Mildew, Sinks and drains, Cars, Bathrooms, Automotive interiors, dining rooms, Living rooms, Kennels, Mobile homes, Campers, Sick rooms, Garbage, Storage areas, Offices, Nurseries, Locker rooms, Garages, Closets, Hampers, Game rooms, Studios, Cabins, Workshop, Suitcases, Bars, After fire, Gyms, Boats Features:
    • Eliminates smoke and offensive malodors caused by airborne bacteria.
    • Reduces airborne bacteria.
    • It is clinically proven to eliminate odors, unlike current products that just mask odors.
    • Combats airborne contaminants and eliminates odors with glycolyzed action.

      Available In:

      • Country Fresh
      • Citrus
      • New Car Smell
      • Outdoor Essence
      • Original
      • Vanilla
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