Mr. Bill’s sells only the One and Only, Original PROTO PIPE!! Beware of Knock Offs!!

Use this handy guide to learn how to use utilize all the parts of your Proto Pipe and also clean it.

  • Use the handy poker to stir the bowl & clean permanent screen.
  • When assembled, the poker interlocks & holds all the parts together.
  • If fric­tion fit poker becomes too loose or tight, bend the tab on the side of container with pliers to adjust the tension.
  • Tar trap is removed by pushing through centerhole with poker. If it is really hard to do so, hold your proto pipe upside down with the poker inserted in the centerhole and tap the poker on a hard surface until the trap starts to move.
  • If trap is glued into pipe by hardened tar, heat the bottom of pipe to soften tar, before trying to remove.
  • To clean pipe stem, break off the head of a paper match, fold & push through as shown using the blunt end of the poker. (Trap must be out when cleaning stem)
  • Concave tar trap is cleaned with the scoop of tobacco container.

The Poker is made of ultra hard steel!!

image002 image004

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