For the cigar smoker, this dual-torch flame lighter is equipped with a retractable spring-operated, stainless steel, guillotine cigar cutter.  Easily accommodates 52 ring gauge cigars and comes with KGM’s famous No Proof Warranty.


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Vector Xcaliber Double Torch

Vector Xcaliber Double Torch flame cigar cutter lighter equipped with a retractable spring-operated, stainless steel, guillotine cigar cutter.

Vector lighters are serious, professional quality, indoor and outdoor products designed for serious, professional quality, cigar and tobacco aficionados. Where other brands beat a path to fashion and design, Vector beats a path to providing the kind of intense, high performance, and butane powered table top lighters that don’t just provide an even and reliable flame that allows you to toast your cigar from a relaxed and comfortable distance, they appear equally capable of toasting the blacktop off a highway or taking on a World War II Pacific Island bunker-busting flamethrower!

  • Dual-Torch Flame
  • Guillotine Cigar Cutter – Easily accommodates 52 ring gauge cigars
  • Adjustable with a Twist
  • Fuel Window
  • Single Action

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