• 14,000 FT. ALTITUDE

Vector KGM Industries is a leading manufacturer of high quality cigar, pipe, cigarette and torch lighters, and other smoking accessories. Their “No Proof Warranty” covers all of their products. All of Vector lighters products have gone through Vector KGM’s demanding tests and inspection standards set by KGM Quality Control.

All Vector lighters are backed up by Vector-KGM’s famous No Proof Warranty. No Proof Warranty means just that. You are not required to provide a proof of purchase in order to receive warranty service on any malfunctioning Vector lighters. It’s a hassle free, no questions asked, warranty service program. It’s Vector-KGM’s unique way of offering a lifetime warranty service commitment to its customers. Vector-KGM is the last remaining company with an actual in-house warranty service dept. with actual lighter technicians who can perform repair services on the lighters. Their industry leading turn-around time of 1-2 weeks truly sets Vector-KGM apart from the other so-called lighter companies without any in-house QC and service departments.


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The Vector Apollo Sparkle Blue flame will never go out even at 10,000 feet altitude. With 45 degrees angle, there’s no need to worry about getting burned when lighting a cigar! Slick and easy to use. It also has an automatic Cap for Opening and Closing when igniting. It also has it’s own fuel gauge window so you’ll know when to refill!

Vector lighters are serious, professional quality, indoor and outdoor products designed for serious, professional quality, cigar and tobacco aficionados. Where other brands beat a path to fashion and design, Vector beats a path to providing the kind of intense, high performance, and butane powered table top lighters that don’t just provide an even and reliable flame that allows you to toast your cigar from a relaxed and comfortable distance, they appear equally capable of toasting the blacktop off a highway or taking on a World War II Pacific Island bunker-busting flamethrower!

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