This newly introduced Vector Ammo Lighter is ergonomically-designed for an ultimate comfort hand held grip.  A duel torch jet flame is unleashed with the press of the single-action ignition button.  Effective to 14, 000 feet.  This wind-resistant flame is powerful and precise, and shoots out at a 45 degree angle.  Refillable butane tank and the quality materials used to construction this superb lighter are second-to-none.  It comes backed with a no-questions asked, lifetime warranty, ensuring you that this lighter will be good for years to come, even under heavy use.  It comes packaged with a Vector gift box and warranty.  3.5″ x 1″

Vector KGM Industries is a leading manufacturer of high quality cigar, pipe, cigarette and torch lighters, and other smoking accessories. Their “No Proof Warranty” covers all of their products. All of Vector lighters products have gone through Vector KGM’s demanding tests and inspection standards set by KGM Quality Control.



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Vector Ammo Black Crackle Matte

A brand new Vector Ammo Black Crackle Matte dual torch flame cigar lighter. Vector KGM lighters are built to last and operate reliably for years, backed by the no proof warranty. Single action ignition, automatic burner cover, side mounted trigger, universal fill valve and new exciting finishes all make this a perfect lighter to add to your collection. Affordable priced, rugged design and attractive finish make this Vector product a must have for any serious cigar smoker. This series is perfect for taking with you anywhere and will outperform other lighters in the price category; don’t miss this opportunity to own a fantastic lighter by a manufacturer who stands behind their product.

Vector lighters are serious, professional quality, indoor and outdoor products designed for serious, professional quality, cigar and tobacco aficionados. Where other brands beat a path to fashion and design, Vector beats a path to providing the kind of intense, high performance, and butane powered table top lighters that don’t just provide an even and reliable flame that allows you to toast your cigar from a relaxed and comfortable distance, they appear equally capable of toasting the blacktop off a highway or taking on a World War II Pacific Island bunker-busting flamethrower!

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  • Dual torch flame
  • Quartz powered ignition
  • Single action ignition
  • Automatic burner cover
  • Ships in an attractive gift box Lifetime warranty

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