These TightVacs live up to their name!  Smell Proof – Air Tight – Super Water Resistant.  The Only product of it’s kind.  Strong and durable, keeps items ultra fresh.  As the cap is pushed down, air is sucked out creating a vacuum! 

Perfect for small stuff!! 2-3/4 ” tall x 1- 5/8″diameter (7.6 cm x 4 cm )


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Going to the beach, a concert, visiting friends, hitting the road, or just chilling at home, stay real with the Vitavac! The TV0-pocketvac easily fits into your pocket or purse and is just the coolest little Vac! With 3 body styles to choose from, you can keep down low with Solid, make friends with Clear, or stay classy and cool with a Tint body.

Other uses include: vitamins, homeopathic medicine, prescription drugs, cosmetics, and so much more. Terrific for small items such as headphones, buttons, beads, pins, jewelry won’t tarnish, bracelets & rings, gaskets, o-rings, and hundreds of other items.

Dimensions: 2-3/4 ” tall x 1- 5/8″diameter (7.6 cm x 4 cm )

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