These TightVacs live up to their name!  Smell Proof – Air Tight – Super Water Resistant.  The Only product of it’s kind.  Strong and durable, keeps items ultra fresh.  As the cap is pushed down, air is sucked out creating a vacuum!

Dimensions: 3-3/4″tall x 3″ diameter (9.5 cm x 7.6 cm)

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Chilling at home or heading out on the open road, one needs peace of mind. Having your (TV2) Tightvac full of your favorite herb can make the difference between disaster and Success! This convenient size fits easily in smaller backpacks & larger purses. With 3 body styles to choose from, you can keep down low with Solid, make friends with Clear, or stay classy and cool with a Tint body.

Other uses include: vitamins, homeopathic medicine, prescription drugs, cosmetics, jewelry and so much more. Terrific for small items such as headphones, buttons, beads, pins, jewelry won’t tarnish, bracelets, rings, gaskets o-rings, and hundreds of other items.

Dimensions: 3-3/4″tall x 3″ diameter (9.5 cm x 7.6 cm)

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