OCB King Size Slim

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OCB King Size Slim

OCB King Size Slim papers are the result of OCB’s almost 100 years of experience perfecting rolling papers. They’re made from natural flax fibers, with an Arabic gum strip. Each pack has 50 papers, and if you choose the packs with tips, they have an equal number of precut tips. OCB Premium papers are slow-burning and smooth smoking.

About OCB

OCB stands for Odet-Cascadec-Bolloré. The letter O for Odet comes from the Odet River, as the founder first created the Papeteries Bolloré (a paper mill) on the bank to make a rolling paper in 1822. C for Cascadec, on the other hand, comes from the expansion of the company in 1917, when the founders bought the Mill Cascadec and built a rolling paper plant. Lastly, B for Bolloré comes from the surname of the founder of OCB himself, Rene Bolloré. In 1918, the brand OCB was officially created, beginning the reputation of OCB Rolling Papers you know today.

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