Replace your tin foil with this metal screen.

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Hookah Metal Screen

Hookah Metal Screen are Reusable and sturdy, screens feature holes of a set number and width.  While their standardization and construction makes screens more handy and reliable  you’ll never run out or tear one these limit the ability to adjust the heat flow by varying the hole size and spacing.  Larger holes should always have more space between them than smaller ones, and will permit more hot air through in more concentrated areas than smaller holes.  This can mean, in some situations, more heat into the bowl: ideal for especially “sticky” tobaccos, though you may want to pay closer attention tending the coals if using a screen with shishas that respond better to more gentle heat.  While a screen will become discolored with use, it will continue to operate without impairment.  Even if you prefer foil, it isn’t a bad idea to keep a screen in your hookah kit as a backup and never have your session ‘foiled’ again!

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