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Eyce Molds Eyce Spoon

Eyce Molds Eyce Spoon pipe is a part of the smokers arsenal like the katana sword to a ninja. Every smoker has one, but you’ll be the first in the crew to have one like this. The inlaid borosilicate glass bowl respects your herbs and the feel you’re used too, while the silicone body protects your wallet. The spoon also holds your poker and your stash all in one convenient kit ready for any scenario.

The Eyce Molds Eyce Spoon Includes:

  • Platinum Cured Silicone Body
  • Stash Container Lid
  • Inlaid Borosilicate Glass Bowl
  • Poker

About Eyce Mold

Our story starts years ago, around 2010, when my brother Bruce struck an idea to create a mold that could freeze functional water pipes made of ice. We truly believed in the idea, and together we knew we could bring the concept to life and enjoy the creation with people all around the world.

Eyce was founded in 2013, and is still family owned and operated in Colorado Springs, CO by both Bruce and I.

Thank you for choosing Eyce.

-Charles Hoch, CEO

*For Tobacco Use Only


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Dimensions4.00 × 1.75 × 4.00 in
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