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Dugout RYOT Walnut with Poker

Dugout RYOT Walnut with Poker aka Taster Boxes or Smoke Stoppers consists of a one-hitter and a box with two holes. The first hole is for your one-hitter pipe to be stored while the second hole is for you to store your ground up herb. Oftentimes, dugouts are designed to carry a lighter and poker depending on the brand. The Dugout Pipe is perfect because everything you need is in one place. It is usually longer than a pack of cigarettes but much thinner. It conveniently fits in your pocket for on-the-go smoking. All you have to do is remove your one-hitter system from the dugout and push the bowl side down into the hole with your herb.


Brands of cigarette-sized one-hitters for inconspicuous public use are marketed with a rectangular (or sometimes cylindrical) wooden case, known as a “dugout”, with two compartments, the larger to store a stash of tobacco and a narrower, cylindrical hole to store the “bat” or pipe. Modern adaptations from craft-centric companies use fine and rare woods, bone, acrylic, aluminum, steel, titanium, other metals or plastics, adding features such as grinders, poker storage or lighter chambers. Carried in a shirt pocket, they are the tangible “replacement” for a pack of cigarettes when one is eliminating a smoking habit

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