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Dugout RYOT Sm Black with Poker

Dugout RYOT Sm Black with Poker aka Taster Boxes or Smoke Stoppers consist of a one hitter and a box with two holes. The first hole is for your one hitter pipe to be stored while the second hole is for you to store your ground up herb. Oftentimes, dugouts are designed to carry a lighter and poker depending on the brand.The Dugout Pipe is perfect because everything you need is in one place. It is usually longer than a pack of cigarettes but much thinner. It conveniently fits in your pocket for on-the-go smoking. All you have to do is remove your one-hitter system from the dugout and push the bowl side down into the hole with your herb.


A one-hitter  (also oney, bat, tay or oney bat) is typically a slender pipe with a screened narrow bowl  designed for a single inhalation, or “hit,” of smoke or vapor from a microdose (about 25 mg.) of heated tobacco or other dry, sifted herbal preparation. It is distinguished from western-style large-bowl pipes designed for strong tobaccos that are burned hot and tasted but not inhaled. By properly distancing a lighter flame below the opening, users operate at vaporization temperatures, minimizing combustion waste and toxicity.

Traditional national varieties of one-hitter pipes include kiseru (Japan),  midwakh (Middle East),  sebsi (Morocco) and some narrow chillums (Nepal, India, Jamaica).

A one-hitter can be considered parahernalia  in certain regions.

Brands of cigarette-sized one hitters for inconspicuous public use are marketed with a rectangular (or sometimes cylindrical) wooden case, known as a “dugout”, with two compartments, the larger to store a stash of herb and a narrower, cylindrical hole to store the “bat” or pipe .

Modern adaptations from craft-centric companies use fine and rare woods, bone, acrylic, aluminum, steel, titanium, other metals or plastics, adding features such as grinders, poker storage or lighter chambers. Carried in a shirt pocket, they are a tangible “replacement” for the pack of cigarettes when one is eliminating a smoking habit.

Dugout RYOT Sm Black with Poker

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