Good quality cigarette holder with integrated, replaceable crystal filter.  Unscrew this device to reveal the clever tube of crystals which filters the tobacco smoke.  Change the filter as required.  Cuts down on tar and nicotine without giving up a single cigarette.  This holder does not come with any filters, please order these separately by clicking here.  3″ long

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Denicotea Cigarette Holder

The Denicotea Cigarette Holder not only improve the cosmetic aspect of smoking they also have a built in disposable crystal filter. The Denicotea Crystal filters absorb impurities from the smoke and cool down the smoke as it passes over the highly absorbent filters. When the filter turns a dark brown color simply unscrew the filter and throw the filter in the bin. No mess no fuss for a cleaner and more enjoyable smoke.A cigarette filter also eliminates the yellow Tar and Nicotine staining on the fingers. The Denicotea Cigarette Holders are designed for use with any standard size King Size or Super kings cigarette.

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