RAW papers are the unbleached, natural uncolored, ink free rolling paper.  RAW natural rolling papers are a pure, less processed paper unlike anything that you have seen or smoked

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Raw Classic King Size Slim

RAW papers are the unbleached, natural uncolored, ink free rolling paper.  RAW natural rolling papers are a pure, less processed paper unlike anything that you have seen or smoked.  Because the products contain a hybrid blend of unbleached (not chemically whitened) fibers, this paper is a translucent light brown color, so thin that you can see through it but as strong as any rolling paper on the market.


This may seem long, but there is no other way to tell this story. After reading it, you’ll know a lot about rolling papers. My hope is the next time you light one up, you’ll think of the history and enjoy each puff a little bit more than before.

The Road to RAW

RAW was a project I had been working on for many years. It began when friends of mine were smoking a brand of “natural” cigarettes. They told me how they preferred these cigarettes because they were additive free without all the chemicals of a regular cigarette. As I was listening to this, I would be staring at the bright bleached white paper thinking to myself “if they can make an additive free natural tobacco, why can’t I make a natural unbleached unrefined paper to wrap it in?” And thus, the RAW project began. Getting RAW to market was, without a doubt, the most difficult project I have ever undertaken. Everywhere I went the material suppliers would try to discourage me. I even approached a materials supplier that was owned by our competitors in Barcelona. They said in Spanish (while laughing at me), “Josh, nobody will want to smoke a paper bag”. Time and again, I would try to explain my idea, how the paper would be super thin and translucent, how the plant materials I blended would yield the perfect burn, how its’ beautiful brown hue would be nothing like anyone had ever seen before for rolling papers, but to no avail. I was at the point of giving up, but I just couldn’t get the mental picture of what I imagined for RAW out of my head, and somehow I became even more determined than ever to launch RAW. In the end, I invested all the knowledge and most of the money we had made with Juicy Jays and Elements into RAW and brought it to market. Smokers everywhere agreed with my dream, and RAW has been my biggest success. It turns out, the same factories that negated and poked fun at me are now producing RAWplicas. How classic is that.

Authentic Rolling Papers

Upon a visit to Alcoy, it is impossible not to observe just how deeply rooted the rolling paper industry is to that town. That tradition has always remained at the very heart and core of the people that live there. Our factory in Alcoy is lucky enough to be surrounded by an old abandoned almond tree farm. Most afternoons during siesta time, you can find us sitting under an old almond tree enjoying our lunch and relaxing with a smoke. I am pleased to say, Alcoy continues to be what it was in the 1800’s, the town that produces the worlds best rolling papers. We have a more modern factory now but our papers are still made in small batches by craftsmen that have been doing this for many generations. Authentic Rolling Paper has always come from Alcoy, and it always will. Anything else is just generic paper, without the soul.

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