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Atman Goldenfish Glass Blunt

Atman Goldenfish Glass Blunt very popular twisty glass blunt for dry herb, your best way to smoke. Small, tinny size for easy put into your bag or pocket. Unique crystal box to clearly see the twisty blunt inside. No Nicotine!

There is an extract silicon mouthpiece which can fit with every 14mm & 18mm size glass pipe. Alternative twisty glass blunt to buy.



  • Ergonomical design
  • Borosilicate glass aka pyrex(heat resistant glass)
  • Fits a 14mm-18mm water pipe
  • No more tobacco paper
  • Reusuable / environmentally friendly

How to use:

  • Fill the glass tube with tobacco
  • Set a light to the end & enjoy
  • Twist clockwise to ash and refresh
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