Amira Hookahs is the future of smoking. Steering away from the traditional style of how each piece is meant to be put together. Amira Hookahs futuristic designs and innovated technology is the first step to a new horizon.

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Amira Hookahs Blizzard

Amira Hookahs Blizzard has arrived and it’s the smallest model from their collection but has the capabilities of matching any of the other designs in cloud output. Providing you with a choice of candy paint gloss or reflective chrome, these Amira once again aim to stand out in your collection. You could easily have this hookah as a desktop solution with a stable foundation coming from the colorful thick glass base options.

It may be a small setup but that didn’t stop Amira from equipping it with their patented Magna technology, to create an airtight seal that won’t leave you with any leaks, and it takes no time to get the stem connected. Once you have your base water filled, place the stem over the base and lower slowly and the allow the two to connect. This magnetic connection is extremely powerful so please be careful as to what you have around during the cleaning and loading process.

Magnets are cool and so is a chrome finish, but if you can’t get a great smoke session then there’s no reason to pick it up right? Well Amira took the smooth inhale route and ended up with a wide gauge downstem at the bottom of a narrowed shaft. The large downstem equipped with a diffuser creates super smoother inhale, as the standard session gives some restriction but the wide hose port improves the draw for a comfortable inhale.

Amira Hookahs Blizzard :

  • 16″ Tall
  • Included washable hose
  • Included unglazed Egyptian bowl
  • Magnetic hub seal

Additional information

Weight5.000 lbs
Dimensions4 × 16 in
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