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Vector Icon II

The Icon series is Vector-KGM’s flagship for lighters, combining a traditional butane torch lighter with a rechargeable battery, as well as a touch screen sensor ignition. It debuted in 2018 with the original Icon, a triple flame torch lighter with the flames arranged in a straight line and the outer flames angled in towards the central one. It also offers large fuel vents to ensure optimal ignition and faster cooling once the cigar is lit. The Icon II is an updated triple-flame touch lighter, with three torches arranged in a triangular design to create a more powerful central flame. The ignition panel features a battery charge display, while the back of the lighter features a large fuel gauge window, and ignition is guaranteed at up to 10,000 feet in elevation.
  • Wind Resistant Triple Torch; Three Flames Merge into One Torch
  • Ignition Sensor Button Operated by USB Charge; No Batteries Required; USB Cable Included
  • Dimensions: 1.53" x 0.68" x 3.32"
  • Large Fuel Gauge Window
  • Flame Adjust Wheel Located on Base of Lighter
  • Ignition is guaranteed at up to 10,000 feet in elevation.
  • Backed up with Vector’s Famous No Proof Warranty.
Choose from:
  • Prizm
  • Sparkle Black
  • Sparkle Burgundy
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