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Savinelli Trevi Smooth (614)

A very decently sized, robust Italian bent Billiard, the Savinelli Trevi Smooth "614" offers a solid smoker with a bold style. Here in the Savinelli Trevi Smooth finish (named in honor of the famous Trevi fountain in Rome), Savinelli's designs feature a polished dark walnut finish and a bright silver-colored band adorned with a Roman aqueduct motif. (Trevi fountain in Rome is known all over the world and this series as well has had a huge success. The band with aluminum inlays shines like the roman epoque magnificence. Smooth, dark brown finishing.  This bent pipe, in true Billiard style, boasts a deep chambered bowl. A super classic shape always appreciated.)
  • Length 5″
  • Bowl Height 2″
  • Bowl Width Outside 1 1/2″
  • Bowl Width Inside 1″
  • All sizes approximate.
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