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Savinelli Balsa Filters 

Savinelli Balsa Filters provide a drier smoke by the simplest of means: absorbing moisture and condensation from the smoke-stream. While many more complicated systems have come and gone, Savinelli's remains popular, being both effective and very inexpensive. These Balsa Filters are in all Savinelli pipes and is a filtering system based on balsa wood properties. Its main feature is the natural (without additives or chemical materials) absorption of humidity and that annoying drizzle which is created inside the shank. It also ensures a smaller scale and therefore a better cleaning. This power of absorption comes from the numerous and porous balsa fibers which guarantee a perfect smoke without altering the tobacco fragrance and aroma.
  • This is a 6mm balsa, suitable for pipes with this diameter.
  • Package contains 20 Balsa Filters.