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Savinelli Arcobaleno Smooth Green

Aesthetically speaking, the gleaming band capping the shank on this Savinelli Arcobaleno Smooth Green (606 KS) (6mm) pipe is a perfect complement to the ultra-rich jade stain, adding an extra dash of panache to the inherent grace of Savinelli's 626 bent Apple shape. Factoring in the generous size bump of the KS designation, this is a very handsome and robust presentation, offered at a quite a reasonable price. Arcobaleno is Italian for rainbow and is one Savinelli's most vibrant lines. Conceived in Italy and named by a member of the Laudisi Distribution Group at the 2013 IPCPR in Las Vegas, the Arcobaleno was created in order to offer rusticated pipes of sophisticated shapes, as well as colorful finishes, all at an affordable price. Accented with a bright, silver-hued ring, the Arcobaleno is available in a wide variety of classic Savinelli shapes, as well as both the standard and “KS” size designation. The Arcobaleno is available in both a smooth and rusticated finish, and the stains include a playful rusticated green, an ultra-deep phthalo blue, as well as seal brown. Includes one Savinelli Balsa Wood Filter
  • Length 6″
  • Bowl Height 1 7/8″
  • Bowl Width Outside 1 1/2″
  • Bowl Width Inside 1″
  • All sizes approximate.
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