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5.5″ Assorted Bubbler


5.5" Assorted Bubbler

This 5.5" bubbler is perfect for on-the-go use when you want a quick, yet smooth, smoke. This 5.5 inch portable sized bubbler can be used with or without water, however we always recommend water for higher quality filtration.
  • This bubbler is the perfect, pocket-sized travel piece.
  • Can Be Used With or Without Water
  • Height:  5.5 inches
  • Sits Upright - Sherlock Style
  • Assorted Colors and styles
This is definitely a convenient piece to have at all times, and a must have for any glass collection. With great bubble action and no splash back, this is a great bubbler.

Small Raked w/ Twist Front Carb Glass Pipe


Sm Raked w/ Twist Front Carb Glass Pipe

Sm Raked w/ Twist Front Carb Glass Pipe by Crush Hand pipes are a very convenient way to smoke your favorite smokeables. Mini hand pipes accentuate this factor. The mini raked Crush pipe is able to fit in your pocket and still be fully 3.5 inches. This spoon pipe has a bowl, neck and mouthpiece as well as a carb hole on the right hand side.  Proudly made in the USA. .Crush hand pipe
  • Length:4.0"
  • Width:1.5"
  • Raked color scheme
  • Flat Bottom
  • Front carb hole
  • Small (portable)
The coloring is a raked spiral that runs the length of the pipe. the design sits on fumed glass, which color changes with the amount of usage and the light it is held in.