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TarGard Disposable Cigarette Filters

The TarGard Original Disposable Cigarette Filter is the most popular cigarette filter in history. It's popularity is primarily due to it similarity to TarGard's Permanent Filter, except it doesn't need to be cleaned. Additionally, the filter insert design features two very large impingement barriers which makes it incredibly effective at removing tar from your cigarette smoke. You'll also notice that the mouthpiece is larger than many of TarGard's other filters. This allows you to smoke more cigarettes per filter. While capacity varies by smoker (and cigarette brand), They have found that you can smoke as many as 20 cigarettes per filter. While it's possible for some smokers to get 20, they hear most often that the average number of cigarettes is closer to 10. That just means that the filter is removing more tar from your smoke, which I think we can all agree is a good thing.
  • Most popular filter in TarGard history
  • Each filter good for up to 20 cigarettes
  • Hassle-free—just use and toss!
  • Made in the USA