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Dice Metal Snuffer

Dice Metal Snuffer smoking accessories extinguish cigarettes in seconds, reducing odors, costly waste, and soiled ashtrays!  When you can only take a puff or two of your cigarettes and you want to save the rest, snuff your cigarettes out like you're in Vegas! Dice Metal Snuffers are incredibly easy to clean and can withstand very high temperatures without breaking.
Put your Dice Metal Snuffer in an ashtray and put your lit cigarette into snuffer chamber and watch as it extinguishes the fire in seconds!!
Stops the worry of endless burning with the lit end going out in seconds. Reduces fire hazards associated with smoking…no more smoldering ashes when emptying ashtray into the trash. No more grinding your cigarette out and ashtrays stay cleaner. Eliminates foul orders with burning filters. Decreases excess second-hand smoke as the smoke stops immediately when your cigarette is placed into snuffer.  3/4" square.
Choose from:
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Silver