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Brigham Churchwarden Pipe Cleaners



Got an extra-long pipe? What you need then are some extra-long pipe-cleaners. Well, that is if you care about keeping your pipe clean.  How long are these extra-long Brigham Churchwarden pipe cleaners?  About twice the length of a regular pipe-cleaner, perfect for anyone with a pipe two usual pipe-lengths long. Brigham Churchwarden Pipe Cleaners will keep your pipes in pristine shape. These pipe cleaners are highly functional and affordable to ensure you keep your pipe clean and smokable!  Brigham Churchwarden Pipe Cleaners are great for the Churchwarden pipe smoker. Take care of your pipes with Brigham Churchwarden Pipe Cleaners.
  •  Extra Absorbent Pipe Cleaners.
  • 12" long
  • 24 in a bundle.