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aLedinha Mini Size Papers

aLedinha Mini Size Papers are 100% cellulose and transparent hand rolling papers. They are biodegradable, tasteless, odorless and flame retardant.  They contain no plastic and are slow burning.  They are designated an Eco-Friendly product. Aledinha is a transparent cellulose paper which does not contain the usual chemicals - lead, arsenic and other heavy metals - that are used to bleach regular rolling papers.  Less harmful to your health than regular white rolling papers. Each booklet contains 50 1.1/4 extra slim leaves. Enjoy watching the inside of your smoke while you smoke it!
  • 50 transparent leaves per pack
  • size of leave is 35 x 75mm.
  • they are 100% cellulose.
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Made in Brazil.