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Diamond Grind Anodized 30mm Grinder – Four Piece


Diamond Grind Anodized 30mm Grinder - Four Piece

This Diamond Grind Anodized30mm 1" x 1 1/2" in size  The anodized aluminum design fights wear and tear, making this grinder last as long as you do. Diamond Grind have always lived up to their excellent reputation and that is no different with their newest colored grinders. This 4 piece comes equipped with a magnetically sealed top to help avoid any nasty spills, stainless steel sifting screen, and bottom storage compartment with a scraping tool. Diamond Grind have made a name for themselves as being affordable, while also being insanely tough. These anodized aluminum beauties will resist damage from use with the best of them all while giving you a fine grind of your preferred material. Colors:
  • Purple
  • Rasta