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Pipe Lid


Pipe Lid

Pipe Lid or Cap is Great for smoking in the outdoors!  Prevents burnout and overheating on windy days. Protects against flying ash. Snap-fit for most bowls. Stainless steel construction. 1 1/8" outside diameter without tabs. 5/8" - 3/4" distance between clips. Pipe not included.

Dr. Grabow Pipe Filters


Dr. Grabow Pipe Filters

Dr. Grabow Pipe Filters are paper element filters that fit most American-made 6 mm filtered pipes, including corn cobs. 10 Premium Pipe Filters in a box. America's favorite premium pipe filters! Use them to get a cool and dry smoke each time you light a bowl  For a nicer smoke replace pipe filter regularly.
  • 2 1/4" long
  • Made in the USA

Churchwarden Combo Pouch


Churchwarden Combo Pouch

Our Churchwarden Combo Pouch is made of Black Leather and holds 2 Churchwarden Pipes.  It has a detachable tobacco pouch that measures 3 1/4" x 5 1/2" closed and 5 1/4" x 5 1/2" opened.  It also has a zippered compartment for your pipe tools and lighters/matches.  It also comes with a detachable loop handle. Size: 16 1/2" X 4 1/2" X 2"  

PVC Tobacco Pouch

7" wide x 3 1/4", this pouch has 2 zippered pouches, one small and one larger with a place to put your cigarette papers.

Corn Cobb Legend 690 Varnished Filtered

The Legend Corn Cob Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum is the most popular pipe for the price in their series of mid-sized, filtered pipes, with a medium-sized bowl and coating that gives it a soft yellow color. Grown in Missouri soil and handcrafted for over 150 years in Washington, Missouri, genuine Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipes are an American Legend – making Missouri Meerschaum the world's oldest, largest, and leading manufacturer of corn cob pipes.  Includes one Dr. Grabow Filter. Choose from:
  • Bent Stem  Length: 5 7/8" Bowl Height:  1  3/4" Bowl Width Outside:  1  1/4" Bowl Width Inside:  5/8"
  • Straight Stem Length: 5 3/4" Bowl Height:  1  5/8" Bowl Width Outside:  1  1/4" Bowl Width Inside:  5/8"

Meerschaum – Mini Claw with Case


Meerschaum – Mini Claw with Case

Hand Finished Mini Claw Meerschaum with Case This Mini Meerschaum Pipe is made from Turkish Meerschaum and Natural Minerals. The mini pipe is a perfect size for a quick smoke. The bowl is guaranteed to never burn out as what happens with some wood or Briar Pipes. Every mini Meerschaum Pipe is hand finished and each pipe is inspected for consistency in design and quality.

About Meerschaum

Meerschaum  is a mineral and literally translated from German means “Seafoam”. It will not burn out and is considered by pipe smokers as the perfect material for a cool, dry smoke. Because of its natural porous nature, Meerschaums most fascinating characteristic is its process of gradually changing colors from white to a golden deep cherry red or brown. Since each stone is unique unto itself, each pipe will color at various speeds and shades. Because each pipe is hand carved, the basic shape will be the same but each pipe is not identical. 4 1/2″ Long.  Comes with Carrying Case. Click here to learn more about Meerschaum.            

Novelty Pipe – Flashlight


Novelty Pipe - Flashlight

Novelty Pipe - Flashlight - Converts from a keychain flashlight (non-working) to a pipe and back. Novelty item looks like a real mini flashlight. Simply screw off the top and screw into the hole.  5 1/2" in length including chain. Choose from:
  • Black
  • Blue

Two Dice Hand Metal Pipe


Two Dice Hand Metal Pipe

Roll the dice and buy this Two Dice Hand Metal Pipe!  Nothing Says Vegas, Baby than this metal pipe! 2 1/2 inches long, 1 1/4 inches high Choose from:
  • Green
  • Red
  • White
Add a Smokeless Pipe Cap – Metal to your Pipe. Add a Smokeless Cap – Anodized to your Pipe. Need Screens?      Pack of 5      Pack of 100

15.5″ Backwoods Design Beaker


15.5" Backwoods Design Beaker

This BACKWOODS design water pipe is the newest glass boy on the block in the water pipe world. It stands a full 15" high on a beaker base and smoke large and in charge.
  • Weight: 2.5 Lb.
  • Height: 15.5"
  • Ice Catcher Pinch
  • Clear Glass with Textured Wraparound Print
  • Comic Book & Cultural Character Art
  • Glass Bowl & Down stem with Textured Print
Made with thick heavy glass and featuring a textured print of Backwoods, it has an ice catcher pinch at the base of the tube and a very interesting removable glass down stem and flower bowl. The super cool thing about the diffused down stems is that it ALSO has a textured print on it that matches the art on the tube. All in all, this impressive straight tube pipe is very cool and quite unusual and a perfect addition to anybody's rig collection.

Rossi Rubino Antico 8111

An update to the popular Rubino series, the Rubino Antico 8111 presents 15 classic shapes in a deep red, hand-brushed stain, offering a traditional color palette while dramatically highlighting the briar’s fine grain. Topped with a bright metal band, this series presents unheard of quality for a pipe with a $86.99 price tag. Rossi's Rubino Antico series offers a handsomely smooth finish and traditional, warm palette. Neatly accented by a trim band of bright nickel, it's seen here in Rossi's "8111" - a classic Billiard of stout proportions.
  • Length 5 1/2″
  • Bowl Height 1 1/2″
  • Bowl Width Outside 1 3/8″
  • Bowl Width Inside 7/8″ (all sizes approximate)
Click here to order Savinelli Balsa Filters  

Fe.Ro Walnut Smooth Full Bent/Oom Paul/Billiard Bent


Fe.Ro Walnut Smooth Full Bent/Oom Paul/Billiard Bent

Central Italian briar from the Tuscany region is used exclusively in the Fe.Ro Walnut Smooth Full Bent /Oom Paul, Billiard Bent production. This high-grade briar, recognized for its rich grain, is put through elaborate aging, manufacturing and production process.  The combination of quality and looks delivers a superior product, resulting in a sweeter, dryer, and a better smoking pipe.
  • Smooth walnut matte finish
  • Ebonite mouthpiece
  • 6 mm filter ready
  • Carbonized bowl
  • Medium-sized

Corn Cob Mini Finished Pipe

The Miniature Corn Cob Pipe Finished from Missouri Meerschaum is a small, pocket-sized pipe available in both Natural and Varnished finishes. It's ideal for a very short smoke, for party favors, or as a novelty. This pipe is non-filtered and comes with your choice of an yellow or black bit. Choose from:
  • Maple (Yellow Stem)
  • Cherry (Black Stem)
Length 3 3/8" Bowl Height  1  3/8" Bowl Width Outside  1" Bowl Width Inside  5/8"