All About Pipes

Pipe Care

You will get more pleasure from your pipe if you follow these few simple rules!

Tobacco should be packed firmly, but not too tightly,because it will be hard to draw and keep alight, not too loosely as the pipe will then smoke hot. When smoking a new pipe for the first time, fill it not more than three-quarters full, subsequently increasing the amount of tobacco in gradual stages.

For your own enjoyment, smoke slowly. The tobacco of your choice will taste better and give you greater smoking pleasure if you follow this rule.

Light your pipe carefully, applying the flame over the entire surface of the tobacco. Tamp the tobacco down, relight and tamp again.

After a while, a carbon deposit or “cake” will build up inside the bowl. Do not allow this to exceed 1/16″ (2mm) in thickness or it may crack the bowl. Any excess should be removed with a reamer, never with a sharp knife.

Here are a few helpful hints:

NEVER refill a hot pipe.

AVOID smoking in a high wind or open car, as the excessive draft will generate unusual heat which might damage the bowl.

To remove or replace the mouthpiece, wrap your palm round it and detach it with a gentle twisting action. Never remove the mouthpiece from a hot pipe.