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Thunderbird by Vector Inserts

These Thunderbird by Vector Inserts are for a Zippo style lighter.  Don't like the smell of your Zippo fluid but love your Zippo lighter?  These Inserts convert any Zippo style lighter to butane.  An added bonus is that these inserts are covered by Vector’s Famous No Proof Warranty! Thunderbird lighters are guaranteed to work in the toughest weather conditions, whether its thunderstorms in the tropics, heavy snowfall in the mountains or the whirling winds of the desert.  These are the ultimate outdoor lighting gear!
  • No Lighter Fluid Smell, Taste or Mess
  • Wind Resistant
  • Refillable
Choose from:
  • Single Jet Flame
  • Regular Flame

Vector Volt

The Vector Volt is a lightweight (2 oz.), little torch that will keep your cigars, cigarettes or other flammables lit for years!  With a large fuel viewing window, you'll never run out of fuel.  It is wind resistant and will light even if you are on top of a 12,000-foot mountain! Features:
  • Striking Black/Orange Color
  • Wind Resistant Jet Torch
  • Altitude (Feet): 12K
  • Number of Flames: 1
  • Size: W 1.74″ x L 0.68″ x H 3.00″
  • Comes packaged in Vector logo printed box.
  • Backed up with Vector’s Famous No Proof Warranty.
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Vector Bishop UV

New to Vector's line of quality, affordable lighters, this Vector Bishop is a stylish, lightweight (6.5 oz.), flat pyramid flame lighter.  The Vector Bishop also has a clear fuel window. Features:
  • Lightweight (6.05 oz.)
  • Flat Pyramid Flame
  • Clear Fuel Window
  • Stylish and Unique Colors
  • Dimensions: Height 2 1/8" x Width 1 1/2" x Depth 1/4"
  • Comes packaged in Vector logo printed box.
  • Backed up with Vector’s Famous No Proof Warranty.
Choose from:
  • Blue/Black
  • Spackled Red
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Vector VTorque

New to Vector's line of quality torches, the Vector VTorque is a powerful and functionally well-designed torch!  With a rotating burner head, a flame lock button, flame height adjuster and stylish design, this Vector VTorque is a must have for any lighter enthusiast.
  • Size:  2.75" W x 1.65" L x 8.07" H
  • Weight:  0.5 lbs.
  • Number of Flames: 1
  • Smooth Grip
  • Burning Temperature:  2800 degrees F / 1538 degrees C
  • Rotating Burner Head
  • Flame Lock Button
  • Flame Height Adjuster
  • Includes a Complimentary X60 (107 ml) Butane Can
  • Backed up with Vector’s Famous No Proof Warranty.
Choose from:
  • Black Matte
  • Neon Blue/Black
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Vector Icon UV

The Vector Icon UV is an updated Icon with a triple-flame torch lighter, with three torches arranged in a triangular design to create a more powerful central flame. The ignition panel features a battery charge display, while the back of the lighter features a large fuel gauge window, and ignition is guaranteed at up to 10,000 feet in elevation. The Icon series is Vector-KGM’s flagship for lighters, combining a traditional butane torch lighter with a rechargeable battery, as well as a touch screen sensor ignition. It debuted in 2018 with the original Icon, a triple flame torch lighter with the flames arranged in a straight line and the outer flames angled in towards the central one. It also offers large fuel vents to ensure optimal ignition and faster cooling once the cigar is lit.
  • Wind Resistant Jet Torch
  • Altitude (Feet): 10K
  • Number of Flames: 3
  • Size: W 1.53″ x L 0.68″ x H 3.32″
  • Features: Sensor Ignition & USB charging
  • Backed up with Vector’s Famous No Proof Warranty.
Choose from:
  • Blue/Purple
  • Marbled Blue
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Vector Coup Sparkle Blue

The Vector Coup Sparkle Blue Lighter is a sleek and stylish lighter that combines functionality with a visually appealing design. The body of the lighter is crafted with a smooth, metallic finish in a vibrant shade of blue, giving it a modern and eye-catching appearance. This Vector Lighter incorporates a reliable a piezo ignition, providing a flame for lighting cigarettes, cigars, candles, or other items with ease. The lighter is refillable, allowing users to replenish the fuel supply for extended use. Overall, the Vector Coup Sparkle Blue Lighter combines a visually appealing design with the practicality of a well-crafted and reliable lighter, making it a desirable accessory for those who appreciate both style and functionality.
  • Windproof
  • Single Torch
  • Gift Boxed
  • Lightweight - 1.85 oz.
  • 3 7/8"H x 7/8" W
Learn how to keep your Vector Lighter Trouble Free!  Click here. Backed up with Vector’s Famous No Proof Warranty.

Combination Rolling Pouch

This Combination Brown Rolling Pouch made of sturdy PVC has three zippered compartments with a two-snap closure.  You can use the large 5 1/2" plastic lined pouch for your roll-your-own cigarette tobacco or pipe tobacco.  The other two smaller compartments may be used for your lighter and other smoking accessories.  It even has a slot for your favorite rolling papers!
  • Three zippered compartments - two lined in plastic.
  • Rich Brown Color
  • Slot for rolling papers.
  • Sturdy two snap closure
  • Dimensions Open: 7" H x 6.25" L x 1/8" W
  • Dimensions Closed:  3 1/2 H x 6.25 L x 1/2" W

Zippo Wick

Zippo’s genuine wick will keep your windproof lighter working at optimum performance. Comes in a sealed packaged.
  • 1 wick per package
  • Fits all Zippo windproof lighters.
  • Measurements: 100mm (4 inches)
See Below for Instructions on Trimming and Replacing the Wick Need Flints for your Zippo?  Click here.

Zippo Flints

Zippos genuine flints will keep your lighter working at optimum performance. Excellent sparking characteristics with a handy dispenser. Refillable for a lifetime of use.  For optimum performance, we recommend genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks (sold separately). Six flints to a pack. See Below for instructions on how to replace the flint in your Zippo Lighter. Need a new Wick for your Zippo?  Click here.

Savinelli Morellina Smooth Brown

Savinelli's "614"Morellina Smooth Brown is the Italian marque's most deeply bent shape, resembling the classic Oom Paul. The shank curls upward, almost vertically, making for a compact length that hangs comfortably from the jaw, and the stretched heel and rounded Billiard bowl sit naturally in hand. Aligning more with traditional English proportions, the shank and transition are on the stouter end compared to some of Savinelli's Italian neoclassic shapes — an excellent choice for those interested in an Italian-made, hands-free smoker but desire a form of more English sensibilities. The title of Savinelli's Morellina series hints at its color palette: a deep walnut brown indicative of the line's characteristic stem. This smooth example reveals an alluring, dusky motif, and features a custom-cast acrylic stem of swirling cream and mocha hues. Such a stem emulates the look of traditional Cumberland but with lighter tones and a more fluid pattern, adding intrigue and character to the overall theme. It's further accented by a trim nickel ring, completing the distinctive aesthetic but with an overall subdued demeanor — perfect for those inclined toward more traditional motifs but who still desire a pipe of individual style. The Morellina series takes its name from the endearment of "moro", a traditional Italian noun meaning dark brown, used for example to describe a very dark brown coat of a horse. With a dark brown bowl in the smooth finish, this pipe is characterized by an acrylic stem with a beautiful brown mélange color. Model 614 belongs to the classic Billiard style. As you can see, it is surely the model with the most pronounced bend. The bend is so sharp which requires different more passages during the finishing. An extraordinarily elegant model not advised to less expert smokers.
  • Length 5 1/4″
  • Bowl Height 1 3/4″
  • Bowl Width Outside 1 1/4″
  • Bowl Width Inside 7/8″ (all sizes approximate)
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XUPER Single Torch

The Xuper Mini is not all that mini as it includes a tank that is 2 inches tall and with Xuper's clear finish in this model, you can see just how much you’ve been able to enjoy it! Pick from a range of colors that best suit you.  Refillable with Butane. Choose from:
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Yellow
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Vector Shield

The Vector Shield is a lightweight, Double Torch Lighter.  It has a large fuel window that allows you to see how much fuel is left so you never run out.  The two torch flames join to give you efficient flames to light any cigar!  Simply flip the lid up and light the torches in any outdoor environment as it is Wind Resistant. Choose from:
  • Metallic Blue
  • Red Lacquer
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