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RAW Six Shooter Cone Filler

The RAW Six Shooter Cone Filler is a RAW innovation!  It fills 1, 2, 3 or 6 cones at a time. This variable quantity filler is designed to match your lifestyle.  Sometimes you only want to fill 1 cone, while other times you're ready to RAWK out and need 6 cones filled with peace.  The design was inspired by an old Spanish millstone.  Just loosen the center pin and dial the plate to the quantity you want to fill:  1, 2, or 3!  Want to fill 6?  Remove the plate... just make sure you replace the pin before filling.  Made of hard plastic. The RAW Six Shooter helps you load up 1 cone, 2 cones, 3 cones or even 6 Cones. Filled and ready to go in less than a minute! The Six Shooter gives you the option of filling pre-rolled cones without mess or wasting herbs. Simply load up the number of pre-rolled cones you want and you're halfway there! Pack in your smoking content tightly, give it a tap or two and done. Minimal effort, minimal waste, no mess. Detailed instructions are inside the tube.  Make sure you give them a read before you start filling! Choose from:
  • 1 1/4
  • Kingsize

Rolling Tray – Raw Black


Rolling Tray - Raw Black

These RAW Rolling Black Trays are beautiful! They made this tray with a polished gold toned metal, then they put a part-black part-clear enhanced finish on it so the gold tone shines through! It’s gorgeous! Totally different from any other RAW Tray ever made. Perfect for when you’re rolling up top-shelf in RAW Black Paper. Make sure your RAW Black Tray comes with a Certificate of RAWthenticity just like the ones available at Mr. Bill's! 11″ x 7″ x 1″

Raw Pre-Rolled Tips

RAW Pre-Rolled Tips are the most convenient way to quickly roll up on the go. Designed for amazing filtration and perfect airflow, these pre-rolled tips are completely unrefined and natural — that means NO chemical bleaching or chlorine. Quit tearing off business cards and rolling paper packs! And once you use all the tips, you have a convenient tin to store stuff!!
  • Constructed to enhance airflow.
  • Cut & rolled with the grain fibers, ensuring a perfectly round tip.
  • 100% natural & chlorine-free paper.
  • Windmill powered, non-GMO, total chlorine-free, vegan product.
Choose from:
  • 21 each Tips
  • 100 each Tips in a Tin - And once you use all the tips, you have a convenient tin to store stuff!!




When RAW first launched the RAW Smokey Forest Rolling Tray, they planted 1 tree for every tray sold. They quickly reached their goal of 5,000 trees!!! This rolling tray is special to RAW because it represents the natural connection of smoke to mother nature. The scene on this tray was chosen to help you relax while smoking. This RAW Smokey Forest Rolling Tray is Large: 14″ x 11″ x 1.25″
  • Metal Rolling Tray with Durable Art Scroll Plate
  • This tray can be used as a ashtray and it is very suitable for rolling, jewelry, perfume bottles, hairbrushes, cosmetics
  • Widely used in rolling, kitchens, dining and other places
  • Concise line design, hard painted surface, high gloss, easy to clean

Raw Metal Slide Top Tin

This Raw Metal Slide Top Tin special re-usable metal tin case was created for when you’re smoking out the town or for RAWndom storage. Its RAWsome! The RAW slide top tin makes carrying your essentials easy and stylish. Carry your papers, tips, material, whatever you need, to wherever you need it to be!
  • 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 1"
RAW is an American brand of rolling papers created in 2005 by Josh Kesselman. The rolling papers are made from hemp and considered to be the world’s first “vegan” rolling papers.

Raw Metal Classic Tin


Raw Metal Classic Tin

This special reusable metal tin case was created for when you're smoking out on the town or RAWndom storage - it's RAWesome!! The RAW tin makes carrying your essentials easy and stylish.  Live the #RAWlife - The natural way to roll!
  • 4 1/4" x 2 2/8" x 1"

Raw Hemp Wick

Raw Hemp Wick is a 100% organic wick that is used as a clean-burning, chemical-free flame source designed for avid smokers and connoisseurs around the world. The organic hemp wick is a more healthy alternative to using a regular lighter as it removes the risk of breathing in unwanted butane, metals and noxious gases. Raw Hemp Wick is handmade in Europe and contains 2 ingredients: top-quality European sourced hemp and beeswax from holistic natural beekeeping. The resources used to make Hemp Wick are as kind to the planet as they are to your lungs.
  • Handmade in Europe
  • 100% Organic hemp fibers
  • 100% Organic beeswax
  • Clean-burning, butane- and sulfur-free flame source
  • 10 feet long
  • Water-resistant
  • Prolongs life of your lighters
  • Improved taste

Raw Tips

 Raw Tips are crafted from naturally unrefined long fibers using an original type Fourdrinier paper machine. The tips are completely chlorine and chemical-free. They are unrefined and made up of 100% vegan papers. They provide the perfect airflow, as well as filtration while smoking. Easy-To-Use: You simply have to roll the single tip into a spiral shape or zigzag the end and then roll it for a sturdy tip. Rigid & Firm: The RAW tips are made up of fiber instead of boiled cellulose so that they are rigid and maintain their shape even while puffing. The tips don't get wet while smoking and hence, enhances your every smoking session. Provides Safety: If you are smoking without using tips with your rolling paper, the chances are high that you might end up burning your lips or even tobacco can accidentally slip into your mouth which ruins the experience. The Raw Tips are great as they prevent all this and allows you to have your smoke unhindered.
  • RAW original classic tips are made up of naturally unrefined long fibers using the Fourdrinier paper machine.
  • The tips roll up smooth and are quite thick so that they don't get wet or deformed while putting in your mouth.
  • You can use the tips with RAW rolling papers so that you can hold your smoke comfortably.
  • RAW Tips don't allow stuff to enter your mouth accidentally while puffing and maintains the quality of your smoke.
  • Filter tips also prevent you from burning your lips accidentally while smoking.
  • 50 Tips per Pack

Raw Level Five

The RAW Level Five Cigarette Holder started out as a joke, Five is unrealistic: it's difficult to balance and it's probably going to burn uneven but that's not the point!  The point is RAW made this RAWdiculous contraption for laughs and a night you'll never remember.  Welcome to Level Five! Impress or share with friends and be a hit at any party. Each RAW Level Five is made from sustainable Brown Knotwood gathered from the Pearl Valley of Fujian China. Because these are made from real wood, the color and patterning between holders will never be the same. So be RAWthentic, be RAWdiculous, and grab your one-of-a-kind RAW Level Five today! 4"tall x 3" across

RAW Cone Loader

The RAW Cone Loader is the fastest, easiest way to fill a cone.  This badass device takes only 7.2 seconds to fill a king-size cone!!!!   It’s made from ECM earth plastic (which degrades in a landfill much faster than regular plastic).  The best part is that it’s inexpensive and so easy to use that we know you will be very happy with your loader.


  • RAW Loader
  • RAW Loader Card
  • Bamboo Poker/Packer
  • Instruction Manual

RAW Organic Hemp Cones

RAW Organic Hemp Cones are unquestionably the world’s best organic hemp cones!  Masterfully crafted from unrefined, pure hemp with no added chalk (certain others add chalk/calcium carbonate to their papers) & no dyes– Organic Hemp Paper are made using a special pure water method to maintain certain natural qualities of hemp.  Each paper is naturally light tan in color and hand-rolled into the perfect cone shape.  The tip is hand folded into a W to prevent materials from passing through yet give an unfiltered big draw.
  • 1¼ Cones are available in a 6 Cone Pack
  •  Kingsize Cones are available in a 3 Cone Pack
  • RAW Cones are packed with a naturally unrefined paper straw.  Genuine RAW Cones do NOT use plastic straws!

RAW Classic Cones

RAW Classic Cones have revolutionized the smoking industry!  That’s no exaggeration – they’re as easy as it gets!  RAW’s precision-crafted pre-rolled cones are made from the same truly naturally unbleached paper as RAW Classic Papers and are ready to be easily filled.  We are proud to say that unlike others, genuine RAW Rolling Papers have no added chalk or dyes! Choose from:
  • 1 1/4 Cones - 6 Pack - $3.59
  • 1 1/4 Cones - 20 Pack - $9.99
  • King Size Cones - 3 Pack - $3.59
  • King Size Cones - 20 Pack - $9.99
  1. RAW is truly unbleached and unrefined.
  2. RAW Cones contain no chalk, no dyes and no burn additives.
  3. RAW lets you truly taste the natural flavors of your smoke.
  4. RAW paper is made from natural plants.