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Dice Cigarette Clip

Nothing says Vegas more than Dice!  This Dice Cigarette Clip is a small clip for holding the base of a cigarette so that it can be smoked without burning the fingers. 2 1/2″ long Choose from:
  • Green
  • Yellow

Large Anodized Cigarette Bat

The Large Anodized "Cigarette" Bat is a convenient way to smoke your favorite smoke, limit intake and be discreet. Each large metal bat feature a ribbed surface for a non-slip grip and measures 3" in length. These bats fit all large dugouts and taster boxes. This Large Anodized "Cigarette" Bat revolutionizes the one-hitter bat pipe with serrations at the tip to perfectly tear & prepare your smokables.
  • Fits Large Dugouts/Taster Boxes
  • Non-Slip Grip
  • Made in the USA
  • Length: 3"
Choose from:
  • Blue
  • Light Green
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Silver

TarGard Disposable Cigarette Filters

The TarGard Original Disposable Cigarette Filter is the most popular cigarette filter in history. It's popularity is primarily due to it similarity to TarGard's Permanent Filter, except it doesn't need to be cleaned. Additionally, the filter insert design features two very large impingement barriers which makes it incredibly effective at removing tar from your cigarette smoke. You'll also notice that the mouthpiece is larger than many of TarGard's other filters. This allows you to smoke more cigarettes per filter. While capacity varies by smoker (and cigarette brand), They have found that you can smoke as many as 20 cigarettes per filter. While it's possible for some smokers to get 20, they hear most often that the average number of cigarettes is closer to 10. That just means that the filter is removing more tar from your smoke, which I think we can all agree is a good thing.
  • Most popular filter in TarGard history
  • Each filter good for up to 20 cigarettes
  • Hassle-free—just use and toss!
  • Made in the USA

Premier Cigarette Tubes

Premier Cigarette Tubes have the superior design and reliable quality that consumers prefer. Of course, for most consumers, quality is the highest priority. Consumers overwhelmingly rate these Cigarette Tubes highly for their excellent design and mildness. You'll never experience thin or damaged tubes right out of the carton. These Tubes allow you to enjoy the flavor of your favorite product reliably.  You'll find that these cigarette tubes can be filled quickly with your injector without bending, crushing, or tearing. You'll be able to enjoy your product efficiently and dependably. Choose from:
  • Full Flavor, King Size
  • Full flavor, 100mm
  • Light, King Size
  • Light, 100mm

Wood Cigarette Clip

This Wood Cigarette Clip is a small clip for holding the base of a cigarette so that it can be smoked without burning the fingers.  3" long.  There are two versions of this handy tool - Skinny and Stubby. Choose from:
  • Black Skinny
  • Brown Skinny
  • Black Stubby
  • Brown Stubby

Fat Body Cigarette Clip

This Fat Body Cigarette Clip is a small clip for holding the base of a cigarette so that it can be smoked without burning the fingers. 4" long Choose from:
  • Black
  • Brown

Key Cigarette Clip

Key Cigarette Clip is a small clip for holding the base of a cigarette so that it can be smoked without burning your fingers. Squeeze the top of the key to open the clip.  When you're in a pinch, this handy brass key clip will be there for you. 2 1/8" long.  

Quartz Glass Cigarette

For those with discerning tastes and limited space, this American made Bat is a perfect upgrade for your large dugoutsmell proof bag or even just your pocket.  Colorless glass made of almost pure silica guarantees a better tasting smoking experience compared to aluminum bats.  One Hitter bats have never looked or tasted better than this quartz glass one in a cigarette disguise!  Each quartz bat has a beveled tip.  These are stronger than glass, but still provides a clean glass smooth taste. One hitter bats are ideal for when you are trying to quit cigarettes and want to reduce your intake of tobacco or just smoke some legal herbs. The Original Quartz Cigarette is Made in the USA Choose from:
  • Large - 3" long
  • Small - 2" long

Self-Cleaning Cigarette Bat

This Self-Cleaning Cigarette Bat is an upgrade on the Smoke Stopper Smoking System Metal Cigarette for use with your dugout.  It is spring-loaded for easy cleaning!!  Just push the end and your spent ashes come out.  3"

Metal Cigarette

Order this Metal Cigarette this if you lose your Smoke Stopper Smoking System bat or if you need a new one. Choose from: Small - $5.99 - 2" L Large - $6.99 - 3" L

Car Cigarette Lighter

This Car Cigarette Lighter Pipe is one of the coolest pipes around. It looks like a real car lighter and actually fits in the car lighter hole in your car! Screw off the top and fill it with your smoke and it's a pipe - nobody will know. Perfect for traveling around and being completely discreet! Specifications
  • Incredibly Discreet
  • Length: 2 Inches

Smosi One Hitter

The Smosi One Hitter is a Stainless Steel One Hitter. Advertised as the World's Best One Hitter, it delivers a perfect hit.  Known as the Smosi White Knight, this one-hitter was designed and developed by a 30-year smoker. Features:
  • Uniquely fabricated to be clog-free (no pokers or paperclips needed).
  • Engineered edge to pack a perfect bowl without grinding the flower.
  • Constructed out of surgical stainless steel for a clean smoke.
  • 7.6mm diameter that creates the perfect bigger single hit
  • Recyclable surgical stainless steel.
  • 3" long, will fit most large dugouts.